Meeting SM&CR Requirements for Go Car Credit

Posted On 01st May 2019

Arctick have been working with Go Car Credit since the beginning of 2018 helping them meet their SM&CR requirements.

Formed in 2017 to enable those with impaired credit profiles to gain options for car finance, Go Car Credit knew it needed a solution that would allow it to record, monitor and evidence risks in line with FCA Regulation.

The Arctick Risk Management Software solution replaces a highly complex, spreadsheet based legacy system that had limited flexibility, and was very resource intensive.

With proven deployment processes and dedicated account managers the system was landed with no disruption, allowing Go Car to focus on day to day business. The system was customised based on proven industry best practice and configured to Go Car’s exact requirements.

The user friendly interface of Arctick allowed the Go Car compliance team to engage key stakeholders and ensure that the system would be adopted.

With powerful dashboards that provide real time reporting and business intelligence, this single view of risk ensured the company’s risk owners achieved their key parameter of greater visibility.

Go Car now have an accurate single version of the position of identified risk, controls and activities. Arctick delivers real time savings in administration, making it easy to enter, track actions and review risks. Go Car can now find evidence and reporting in a timely manner.

Arctick supports Go Car’s ongoing regulatory compliance through identifying, monitoring and reporting on risk.

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