Are poor processes damaging your productivity?

Posted On 17th July 2019

On the 4th July the Office for National Statistics unveiled their latest productivity statistics which showed that productivity in the UK is continuing to decline.  A recent survey by our parent company Extentia Group dug deeper, showing that UK workers believe their workplace environment is one of the key aspects hindering their productivity.

Across the Group we’ve explored how the design, the amount of natural light, and even the furniture within a workplace environment can help workers feel and be more productive, as well as highlighting the importance of tracking and evaluating the impact of this through data.

And whilst your environments can have an impact, as software developers we understand that this is only part of the puzzle. Without the correct processes and tool-sets, teams can often be duplicating, double handling or working against one another. In some industries, this impact of this may only be minor from a commercial perspective – but in more regulated markets this can lead to non compliance and large fines.

Arctick Risk Management Software

When we launched the Arctick software solution we were trying to address this problem. In the banking and finance market, for example, in order to try and rebuild confidence within the industry the FCA was rolling out new regulations that would hold senior managers accountable. In order for this to work firms needed to identify, monitor and more importantly be able to report on risks within their organisations with a clear audit trail. In order to comply with this, all staff within a firm needs to be able to log risks and with many firms using spreadsheets this was impossible.

We knew that any solution needed to be intuitive and really easy to use, be cloud based and accessible from anywhere on any device (nothing hinders productivity like not being able to access tools out of the office!), update in real time so staff always have accurate data, and incorporate a wide range of customisable automation and workflow options.

In the first year we saw the success of this with customers reporting a 200% increase in the amount of logged incidents as well an 800% decrease in time it took to track and report on individual risks.

Over the next for months we will be continuing this theme of productivity, and exploring how the Arctick software solution can be used to help you manage your business risk more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a cutting edge software solution that allows you to take charge of your business risk, book a demo and one of our consultants will get straight back to you.

Interested in the report? You can download it here.