Arctick provides users with a risk process workflow that conforms to regulatory standards, alongside an automated
step by step validation process, to ensure control and compliance.


Risk identification is the first pivotal step towards successfully managing risk. There are multiple sources of risk inherent within any organisation, and the tools and techniques used to identify them need to be adapted, depending on the organisation’s characteristics.




Log an incident: Within the incident record, users are able to view the related risks and controls, enhancing their understanding of operational risk and encouraging them to take ownership.

Control the risks: Controls are established and the accompanying activities are scheduled automatically. Should a user be absent, the task is delegated, ensuring no actions are missed.

Take action: Actions are an integral part of the system, transforming Arctick into a collaborative workspace. Existing behind the scenes in all modules, actions remain filed to the risk, control or incident record they were raised against.


A fully customisable console, allows the user to concentrate on the tasks allocated to them, or the areas of operation for which they have ultimate responsibility.  Through the frameworks module, a structured path of approvals, reviews and feedback by appropriate stakeholders supports compliance of both internal governance, risk and compliance, as well as regulatory requirements.




Arctick combines a comprehensive risk dashboard with a powerful search function to provide real time management information.

Dashboards focus on business critical areas including: open incidents, risk count, controls performance, my actions, risk status and a risk matrix.

This provides the reader with a simple to understand, visual landscape of current risks, areas for concern and actions to be undertook.

Reports can be viewed across multiple devices and exported as PDF documents.